Bingy Hat 1020

Handmade hat from wildcrafted calabash and screw pine.

59 cm

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PAPAIŸO X Goat Curry Gallery by Ania Freer
Ania Freer is a documentary filmmaker and curator based in Kingston, Jamaica. In 2019 she curated her first group exhibition entitled ‘All That Don’t Leave’ to mark the end of a six-month curatorial fellowship through New Local Space Kingston. The show focused on unique craft practices and oral histories from seven artists working across Jamaica outside of mainstream knowledge. As a curator, Ania aims to give space to makers who have historically been marginalized from gallery spaces. Learn more about Goat Curry Gallery here

Cecil ‘Bingy’ Smith (b.1950)
Annotto Bay, St Mary

Trained as a pastry chef, Bingy took up weaving late in life after having a stroke which left him without movement in three of his fingers. Over time he has developed a hat design which uses locally harvested calabash with a brim of woven screw pine. Bingy exhibits his work from a roadside rest-stop in Annotto Bay, hanging his piece on wooden beams and bamboo posts along the outside of the building.

Bingy’s calabash surfaces are left rough, raw and natural; highlighting their organic textures and unique characteristics. With limited tools Bingy works slowly and methodically to create each hat. To create the ventilation holes on the side of the hats - along with all the holes to weave into -Bingy uses a small razor to bore through the calabash.