Barichara, Colombia

Known for its cobbled streets, colonial architecture and unparalleled beauty, Barichara is often described as one of the prettiest towns in Colombia and we can see why. It is quiet and quaint - often thought of as a ghost town. But what it lacks in city hustle, it makes up for in village charm.

Barichara sits on a ridge overlooking the Suarz River Canyon, and has the Andes mountains as its backdrop. The sun plays hide and seek with this magical town, casting all sorts of colors and shades as the day saunters on. The most alluring time  is at sunset, when the sun creates an orange glow on the town’s sandstone walls as it disappears behind the Andes. 

Barichara is a town of many churches, all with their own unique character. In the center of the town is the sandstone Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción, which is known to be the most elaborate of them all. The Capilla de San Antonio is a more modest church, but known for its peaceful atmosphere. The Capilla do Santa Barbara is said to be one of the most beautiful. Some of the most enjoyable activities in Birachara center around its natural beauty and exquisite architecture, which are best enjoyed by simply wandering through the cobbled streets. In fact, a local favorite pastime in the town is to hike the Camino Real to Guane - a neighbouring colonial town. Camino Real is a scenic stone path built by the villagers of Guane and it connects Guane to Birachara. It is scattered with quaint local homes and farms, as well as beautiful scenery.  Another popular pastime is trekking to one of the many viewpoints in Barichara, which will give you an entirely new perspective on this magical town. El Mirador is one such viewpoint, and perhaps the most popular. El Mirador sits high up on the western edge of Barichara, with sweet breezes and breathtaking views. Definitely not recommended for those who are afraid of heights!