A Conversation with Ebony

With all eyes on Jamaica for April's cover story with Jodie Turner-Smith, Ebony caught up with PAPAIŸO to explore our Jamaican heritage and how this has influenced our journey as a brand.


"And so, in 2020, PAPAIŸO was born. In 2021, we launched our first resort wear collection in collaboration with Caribbean partners, where we drove the design, creative development and storytelling behind the collection that articulated our distinct vision of what we call Caribbean enchantment."

- PAPAIŸO, Ebony Magazine

"Our collections are accompanied with rich visual and oral stories that embody our articulation of Caribbean enchantment. It's not that everything we do must be Caribbean. But rather, I am profoundly Caribbean to the core, and so whatever I create cannot help but reflect this."

- PAPAIŸO, Ebony Magazine