Racquel Screw Pine Pouch #02

Screw pine pouch #02 with plaited clasp. Wildcrafted and handwoven.
L 22.5cm x H 14cm

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PAPAIŸO X Goat Curry Gallery by Ania Freer
Ania Freer is a documentary filmmaker and curator based in Kingston, Jamaica. In 2019 she curated her first group exhibition entitled ‘All That Don’t Leave’ to mark the end of a six-month curatorial fellowship through New Local Space Kingston. The show focused on unique craft practices and oral histories from seven artists working across Jamaica outside of mainstream knowledge, some of which are now exclusively available on papaiyo.com. As a curator, Ania aims to give space to makers who have historically been marginalized from gallery spaces. Learn more about Goat Curry Gallery here

Brown has been weaving since she was twelve years old, a tradition which runs in her family, passed down to her from her grandfather. Using screw pine, harvested from along the coast, Brown combines twill weaving, plating and plain weaving to create her baskets, adding little cross-stitches throughout her work for detail. 

By passing her work over a fire made from waste straw, Brown is able to extract the natural oils from the screw pine, leaving her finished pieces glossy. Within Jamaica, the techniques and designs Brown uses have become rare to find.